If I must die, I will die with an axe in my hand and a curse upon my lips.



Skyrim is nice and all but the “one companion at a time” rule prevents me from forming my battleaxe lesbian warrior brigade so what’s the point even


there were over 3,000 lightening strikes in 2 hours last night in the UK

this is a direct result of people complaining about Thor being female. You’ve angered her





is that you hobby lobby

Am I the only one that’s a just a tiny bit pissed off that this is still an issue?

The Original Series wasn’t even in the general VICINITY of fucking around yo

James Tiberius Kirk; the feminist.

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Dude, you’re so edgy and politically incorrect. it’s totally ironic and satirical how you regurgitated those ancient and threadbare stereotypes. It reminds me of my great great great great grandpa, Cracker von Patriarch, who also challenged the status quo by embracing it with loving tenderness.

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i cant even watch a horror film without The Heteros trying to have sex in it





lets have more videogames where you’re the dragon

character customization on what you look like

get your own cave

make a horde

capture a princess and guard her and maybe be nice to her (maybe like have it a multi outcome so how you behave depicts how she fancies you)

kill and eat knights

burn villages and devour their livestock

that kinda bullshit

more dragon videogames

you say more as in these already exist if so please advise

You’re welcome.

this is really cool